Homestead "Dūminė pirtis" with bathhouse for rent 50 km from Vilnius

If you are tempted by traditional smoke saunas you can try one in a cozy and peaceful location near the 7 kilometers long Vilkokšnis lake and outflowing Verknė river.

The entire complex consists of smoke sauna, hot tub, hut and arbor. No doubt, smoke saunas are the oldest type of baths. Visitors often ask hosts why smoke isn‘t evident in the bath. And that is a secret of the impressive sauna. You will smell smoke, however will never see it in the chamber when the sauna is heated in a proper way. The air in this bath is much fresher than in any other type of sauna. In addition to the advantages of the traditional rural sauna, visitors are invited to shake off the fatigue in a hot tub. If you like fire-cooked food, the hosts will offer you cooking it yourself on the outdoor fireplace, which will bestow an exquisite flavour to the dish. Also, fire will warm you up and help create a romantic mood.

Kayaking is available for the fans of extreme sports.

The recreational structure offers holidaymakers everything they need at any time of the year. This is the perfect place for family recreation, staff team building parties, sauna enthusiasts’ gatherings or any other conceivable celebrations.

Traditional smoke sauna is exceptionally attractive place to stage thematic, bachelorette, bachelor parties, birthdays,
anniversaries etc.